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I'm a girl. I'm human. I'm approximately 23. I like music. I play instruments. I'm a graduate student and a total dork.

Top favorite stuffs: Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Portal, Psychonauts, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Adventure Time, Arrested Development, IT Crowd, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, They Might Be Giants, The Beatles, Beck...You get the idea.

Ask me a question! I'm not as scary as I seem.
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how concerned do you think people would be if i started putting quotation marks around everything i do like if someone asked me what i was doing i’d answer with something like oh just “taking out the trash”



Extremely concerned

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Best text conversation ever.

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<sup> makes words go like thiiiiis.

<sub> makes them do thiiiiis.

<small> makes words go little. The more <small> you have the smaller the word.

Same thing applies with <big>.

<u> makes underlines.

Go here for Full  Width.

̛̰̖̲̰͑ͨ͒̌͑̍̿̈͘Z̨̜̲̥̯̮̭͍̳ͧͣ͋̊̋͗Ȁ̪̼̠͎͒ͨ́̚͘͢͞L̸͉̬̻͌̒͑̊̽͡Ğ̝̮̝̗̲ͧ͝Ȍ͍̪̪̖͕̟͈̝̰̆͋̾̀ is found here.

Go here if you want some uʍop əpısdn.


Of course these are just basic things.  You can also look at the HTML button for the codes if youre not up for searching through Google for them.

The button is here:


you betray the secrets of the trade

for those who never learned

<code> makes your text monospaced, <pre> puts your text in a grey box

More unicode text is available with these tools.

This tool provides you with characters that match what you draw.

This tool lets you draw in monospace ASCII which you can then put in <code> on Tumblr.

This tool makes big-ass letters with text. Everything but the AOL fonts require monospace (<code>).


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I feel like such a nerd laughing at this..

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